Sho Wakasugi

October 8th, 2015

Due to environmental, domestic and financial conditions, I could barely paint for three years from spring 2012 to the end of 2014. At the end of 2014, I finally managed to make up my environment, rented an room for an art studio (is also a home), and started a rehabilitation.

As I am still in rehabilitation progress, there might be no updates on this website for a while. Meanwhile, please keep updated with me on Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter. Not super great artworks but I keep uploading my works.

For those who contacted me on the downtime.
I'm sorry sometimes I couldn't gather up my energy to respond. From now on I will reply. ja/en


Sho Wakasugi is a painter based in Tokyo, Japan.
Born in Tokyo in 1987.


Setsu Mode Seminar, Painting, 2011
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering, 2012 drop-out

  • 2014Erect ImageCase Gallery, Tokyo
  • 2012ふつう (Normal)Mr Kitly, Melbourne
  • 2011Two People ExhibitionTully's Coffee Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • UntitledSetsu Gallery, Tokyo
  • 2010Setsu SpiritsSetsu Gallery, Tokyo
  • Tokyo CarnivalCoexist & Ouchi gallery NY, Tokyo

Due to declining productivity for years, I don't accept any offers currently. I also can't sell paintings because I only have few left and I want them by my side.


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若杉 翔



セツ・モードセミナー, 絵画科, 2011
東京工業大学中退, 社会工学科, 2012

  • 2014立像(りつぞう)Case Gallery, 東京
  • 2012ふつう (Normal)Mr Kitly, メルボルン、オーストラリア
  • 2011二人展タリーズコーヒー新宿, 東京
  • 無題展示セツギャラリー, 東京
  • 2010セツ・スピリッツセツギャラリー, 東京
  • 東京カーニバルCoexist & Ouchi gallery NY, 東京

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